When my sweet pup Eva and I moved to Austin 3 years ago- we were thrilled and thankful to be relocating to such a fun-filled city! As with all lifestyle changes- the excitement was accompanied by the anxieties of leaving behind familiar people, places and most of all- pet sitters! Eva and I are equally anxious over separation from one another and with my career in outside sales and my entire family being in Arkansas- I travel a lot! Needless to say- I was hopeful I could find some place to board Eva with comfort and ease here in Austin.  Well, here we are 3 years later- and out of all those familiar pet sitters/doggy daycares/”puppy palaces” from the past (who we were so nervous to leave) they do not hold a candle to what we have received from our dear Cristina Becker!

We were fortunate enough to locate Cristina through a friend pretty immediately upon our arrival to Austin. Our lives changed that day. My anxiety to leave Eva and her fear of separation was immediately comforted by this precious, loving new “pet sitter”  and she became so much more than that to us. Cristina is part of our family now and we adore her. What makes Cristina unique is her willingness to accommodate our schedule making it as simple as possible to care for Eva also allowing me to make my travel plans on time!  ;).

Cristina’s flexibility and dependability makes her truly one of a kind. Not to mention how wonderful and caring she is with Eva.  We are so very grateful we found her!!

-Amanda and Eva  


Cristina has always gone out of her way to make me and the people around me comfortable. Her willingness to help in any situation is why I would recommend her to anyone with simple or complex needs in there everyday life! Cristina's attitude and trustworthiness separates her from working with multiple other assistants for different tasks. Thanks Cristina for making my life easier!


Thomas Fuqua


I am writing this letter on behalf of, Cristina Becker, a talented, conscientious young women who helps our family in many significant ways. To say she is a lifesaver is a bit dramatic, but at times I felt that without her, the enormous pressure our family unexpectedly faced a year ago would have been a nightmare.

I met Cristina when our family was literally in a crisis. Like many women in the sandwich generation, I faced the sudden challenge of caring for my recently widowed mother who had just broken her ankle.  At the time of her fall, she was living alone in a home in Lakeway, Texas. Complicating the medical situation, my mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's and extremely oppositional! Think: stubborn, determinedly uncooperative and totally irrational. (And still driving.)

I was already extremely busy taking care of our home (we entertain frequently), seeing clients in my private psychotherapy practice, getting two children (admitted and enrolled) into college, helping my husband, and running frequent errands for my elderly mother. But her broken ankle and her Alzheimer’s diagnoses tipped the scales. I now faced the additional responsibilities of maintaining another home in Austin along with assuming the sole responsibility for her physical and financial care.  Always fiercely independent, private and strong willed, the advancing illness transformed her personality into one of uncooperative belligerence. The years of increasing incompetence had her finances in chaos.  With her difficult personality, she was quickly becoming out of control and dangerous to herself and others. 

I unexpectedly needed competent help in a lot of areas, and I needed it fast!  I met Cristina and learned about her “household assistance” services. With minimal instruction or supervision, Cristina was able to come into our home, roll up her sleeves and hit the ground running.  She was able to see what needed to be done, then take charge and complete the job. For example, she created an organizational plan for the vast amount of paperwork that unexpectedly became my responsibility. Organizing hundreds of documents, she independently made order out of chaos.

Running countless errands, gracefully dealing with our constantly changing plans and social entertaining obligations, Cristina was positive and energetic about helping us run our home in any way that we needed.

The best part for me: She needs virtually NO supervision! Busy women reading this will love that last sentence. Cristina has good judgment and her own vehicle. 

 She looked after our animals and home when we travelled, took our vehicles for inspections, helped me with light bookkeeping duties for my psychotherapy pratice, and returned purchased items to stores when necessary.  She bought anything we needed for our constant flow of house guests;  food, wine, flowers. etc. Flexible and helpful, her judgment is so good, I eventually provided her with a credit card, and on many occasions sent her on  errands to buy gifts with minimal instructions. I was pleased with every single one of her selections.

There are so many positive things I can say about Cristina Becker, but perhaps the most important one is this: I trust her. You can rely on her. She is independent (my favorite!), creative, and can comfortably blend into a difficult family situation with poise and with initiative. She get things done!

Please feel free to contact me for a reference. 

Dani Schaefer MA, LPC


Cristina is a gifted organizer . She is very thorough and is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. She is always one step ahead and hiring her has given me the freedom to spend more time with my family. 

Beverly Newsom


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