*Petsitting services

Stopping in for a visit (includes checking on animals, potty break, fresh water, feed and walk If needed, clean litter box for kitties, treats, etc) $15 to $25 per visit depending on time of visit and location

Overnight stay
(Includes morning and evening feed, 1 visit and overnight stay)
$60 per day

*prices may vary* 


*Household services

Stopping in to check on your house while away (includes getting mail, watering plants, taking in and out trash can, turning on & off lights, checking for pkgs, etc) $20 per visit

Arranging for and waiting on service and repair men $20/hr

Helping you around the house, including organizational work. Organizing closets, cleaning out garage, home office organization, help you to get rid of clutter!

*price determined at consultation


*Miscellaneous services

What's on your to do list?
Errand running, returns, send packages, pay bills, book travel, drop off dry cleaning, get your house cleaned, find a babysitter, plan a party.... Whatever it is, we can help!


*Personal shopping services

Grocery shopping, gift shopping, clothes shopping, etc...

(Prices determined depending on job. Most errand running services $20/hr plus .50/mile Prices may vary)



*Referral services

What we can't do, we will do our best to refer you to the next best person!

Your Go To Go Austin will always offer one free consultation or "meet and greet" please contact to schedule.




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