Hello world

First time blogger here. Always good to step outside of your box and try something new. I’ve always been one to fear change, but at the same time the one who (after time) goes ahead and goes for it. 10 Years ago I left the familiar and moved to a place unknown. Which is now a place I call home. Started a job and almost 10 Years later ( no coincidence I don’t think) I left another familiar place for the unknown. Adventuring off with the entrepreneur spirit I have and the strong desire I have always had to be a business woman, I couldn’t stay I had to go. You never really know til you take the chance. Or the leap of faith as I like to say. So as I go through this journey I’m going to blog. And as random things run through my mind I’m going to blog about that too. Things about Austin. Or about things I love. So welcome. I’d like to think I’ll be a fun one to follow ;-) if I can get this blogging thing down right….
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